The Secret of God, 
the Universe, and Life.
The Secret of God, the Universe, and Life - cover

Who made God?

Years ago, while riding in the back of a truck after a school field trip, an eight-year-old boy and three friends talked.

On this particularly starry night the center of their discussion focused not on the upcoming soccer game, but on the star filled sky.

Who created the stars?

God created the stars, they decided.

But if God created all, who created God? It was a question that haunted the boy.

He gains a sliver of understanding years later. As an adult, while undergoing surgery, he is called by ... a Light. Following the light, he begins to understand more about God, religion, and how the universe is connected to all life. In his fast-paced journey with his guide Gabe, he sees the future and … the past.

He then writes about his near-death experience and invites his friends to review his story and give their opinions. The resulting dialogue is a thought provoking story covering topics as diverse as the “Big Bang” theory, the reality of God, human relationships, string theory and the real meaning of life.

In The Secret of God, the Universe, and Life, author Maxwell Wynter melds proven and un-proven current scientific thought with various religious beliefs to create a work of fiction that probes the origins of God. The result is a dialogue and a story of fantasy that questions life, faith, man’s purpose in this world, and whether or not there is something ... after death.

Anyone who has ever questioned religion, wondered about life after death, thought about their purpose here, their relationship with others, the existence of God or the relationship between science and religion should find this novel an interesting read.

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